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Origins of coffee

Project: Animated film about the origins of coffee


client: Res and the National Museum of Qatar


Creative director: Mark Calvert

year:  2023

I was privileged to work on this project as art director and lead 3D artist for Res, on an exhibition in the spectacular Nation Museum of Qatar, a truly special architectural wonder. Like something from another world.

I was involved in the project managing all creative aspects related to AV for the duration of the projects' production, which was a whole year. I had the chance to travel to the museum in Qatar in late 2022 in preparation for the start of project for meetings and site visits. I also create an animated film for the Origins of Coffee which describes the story of Kaldi, a goat herder from Ethiopia and how he came to discover coffee in the highlands of his country. For now the video can not be revealed but here are some images in the meantime.

photo gallery

Some photos to appreciate the amazing architecture both inside and out. No flat walls to be seen. A truly stunning design by renowned architect, Jean Nouvel. 

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