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Projectadidas 2014 World Cup video mapping of Rio’s Parque Lage


client:  Immersive International


Creative director: John Munro

year:  2013

At the end of 2013 I worked with Immersive LTD who were asked by adidas to video map Visual Arts School of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup official match ball launch, the brazuca. My roles on the job included, lead animator, as well as art director, animation producer and editor of the entire video and I was delegated the task of overseeing a team of talented animators with a broad range of skills. Our visuals were made to a strict template which fit the shape of the building exactly. As well as projecting onto the 3 facades of the Parque Lage, we projected animations of adidas footballs onto a 2.5m inflated ball which succeeded in giving the illusion that the ball was a real object.

FIFA World Cup Brazil | Adidas, Brazuca Ball Launch
Immersive International

FIFA World Cup Brazil | Adidas, Brazuca Ball Launch

1970 – 1986 adidas World Cup Brazuca ball animationS

My animation contribution to the show was to produce this 30 second section of a 2 minute portion of the show, where we were asked to create visuals that represented the adidas footballs that have been used for the FIFA World Cup since 1970 right up to the upcoming 2014 tournament. The idea was to come up with visually interesting animation that had relevance to certain facts related to each ball while at the same time always keeping in mind that this would be projected onto a real 2.5m inflated ball on the day of the show, therefore we  had to give constant consideration to certain animation and lighting techniques that would exaggerate the 3d illusion of the graphics being projected. Luckily all the RnD, planing and execution of the animations paid off and the results were very impressive indeed.

FIFA 2014 World Cup adidas match ball launch animation

FIFA 2014 World Cup adidas match ball launch animation