Moscow Festival of Light

Moscow festival of light

For this project I was art director and animator on this projection mapping job for the Moscow festival of light in which we projected onto one of the iconic buildings in red square. We were given the brief “moments of victory”. I worked on the 2nd half of the video and was also the point of contact for all creative aspects on the job. The idea for the look and style was Russian constructivist art and once again this one had an extremely tight turn around and a very challenging set of client expectations.



KIA Launch Event

Immersive International produced this projection mapping job for a live KIA launch event for which I was art director, editor and one of the animators and along with 3 others designers we created around 12 minutes of video for the show.

Eric Prydz “NITON”

Eric Prydz “NITON” Music Video

Eric Prydz commissioned Immersive to create a music video for a new release and I was given the role of lead animator, producer and editor as well as being responsible for collaborating with Immersive’s creative director, John Munro, to create the storyboard and the overall look and concept of the video. I was in a team of 7 animators and the scenes I worked on can be viewed in the images below. The brief was very open, so the idea was to go down the route of a dreamlike journey that follows one character through many different surreal environments. The style of the video was inspired by Japanese Anime as well as certain graphic novels and surrealist artwork.

BP Video Mapping

BP Launch Event Video Mapping

In May 2016 I worked on this minimal data animation for a BP launch event for one of their new fuels. The animation was projected on the 2 sides of a 10 meter tunnel which visitors walked through. The concept for this video mapping project is that each of the 4 panels loosely represent different stages of BP’s years of data analysis and development of the new “engine cleaning” fuel that have created.

Digital Element


Digital Element

I teamed up with London based Studio, Breakfast of Champions, to produce this animation for Digital Element, an IP geolocation provider. It was an ongoing project that lasted a couple of years due to client changes, but was still fun to flex some motion graphics skills as I was given full freedom to work on the entire animation. Click on the image below to scroll through some images of the project. Will post the animation soon.


Drumcode VJ content

This is an edit where I cut together all the VJ content I just made for the DRUMCODE record label into one quick, condensed video. The brief was to create VJ clips based on some of the album artwork of the DRUMCODE recent releases. I had to pick 10 album covers and either re-create the designs as close to the original as possible or use elements from the original artwork files themselves, but either way the idea was to bring the album art to life. From those 10 covers I then had to make as many variations as I could so that the VJs at the DRUMCODE gigs had as much to work with as possible, and in the end I created a total of 54 animations. All of this was done within 17 days back to back. A challenge that was extremely tough especially as the styles of the animations vary so much but I would have to say one of the most enjoyable challenges Ive faced and which I would gladly do all over.

Original Album Artwork

Here are the original 10 Album covers that I based the 10 sets of animation styles on.  Below I have separated image galleries into each of the 10 styles and explain which elements I made from scratch and which animations I used the actual original artwork files.


This was a combination of 3d elements such as the mouths and worm shapes which I made, and the eyes which were from the original artwork files. All elements were then comped together.


This was the quickest to make. I warped and distorted the original artwork files into a sort of tunnel shape in post and then animated the blinking eye.


This was great fun to try get the 2d look in 3d and to put eyes on the end of tentacles, because why not! I just used the original album art as a reference and made it all from scratch using a toon material in 3d. With a bit of warping and editing in post.


Again I made everything in 3d with a toon material and used the original artwork as a reference.


I made everything in 3d with a toon material and then altered the renders quite heavily in post to get as close to the original album art as possible. I then played around a bit to get some other looks and variations.


This set of animations are probably the ones where I combined existing artwork elements and 3d the most. The heart shape and some of the dirt textures, which I added some simple animation to, are from the original art files. The swirls that come out of the heart and the skeletons were made in 3d and comped together with all the other elements. I really enjoyed working on these animations as the style and process was a bit different to the other styles.


This one was pretty straightforward as I used the original artwork elements of the ear and I just animated some of the pieces of the ear shape to give some secondary motion to the ear object and then obviously animated the square shapes. I played around with offsetting their animation to create some variation.


Strangely this set of clips are some of my favourites. Mainly the kaleidoscope style clips, because who dosnt like kaleidoscopes. They just gave a real graphic, bold feel that looked great at the first gig where these clips were used. The process involved was very much similar to the DC127 animations, apart from using the kaleidoscope effect, I also spent quite a lot of time separating the individual tentacles / tubes around the edges of the tentacles. I then animated each of the tubes which I feel gives the clips a subtle feeling of movement and life.


Again this one involved only 2d animation where I isolated each individual element of the original artwork file and added some simple animation combined with secondary movement. For the variations I made mini close up edits and an offset kaleidoscope effect.


Id have to say that this is one of my favourites too. I made everything in 3d and 2d and used the original artwork as a reference as well as using the original artwork files to create the hand drawn textures which I applied to the 3d objects. Like so many of the animation styles I just tried to have fun with the variations on the original album cover.

Power Tree

Utilita Power Tree Promo

I recently created this animated promo video for Live Nation on behalf of the energy company Utilita, which was to showcase the Power Tree area of Parklife Festival in Manchester. A place to charge your phones and chill but also to a have a little dance to a DJ playing tunes from his tree house DJ booth !

It was a blast to work on because I had complete creative freedom with everything. Even picking the audio and editing it. The client was receptive to all my ideas and loved the colorful style which reflected the Parklife branding. Love jobs where I can really play with the 3D render layers in post and editing to music. More projects like this please!


adidas 2014 World Cup video mapping of Rio’s Parque Lage

At the end of 2013 I worked with Immersive LTD who were asked by adidas to video map Visual Arts School of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup official match ball launch, the brazuca. My roles on the job included, lead animator, as well as art director, animation producer and editor of the entire video and I was delegated the task of overseeing a team of talented animators with a broad range of skills. Our visuals were made to a strict template which fit the shape of the building exactly. As well as projecting onto the 3 facades of the Parque Lage, we projected animations of adidas footballs onto a 2.5m inflated ball which succeeded in giving the illusion that the ball was a real object.

1970 – 1986 adidas World Cup Brazuca ball animations

My animation contribution to the show was to produce this 30 second section of a 2 minute portion of the show, where we were asked to create visuals that represented the adidas footballs that have been used for the FIFA World Cup since 1970 right up to the upcoming 2014 tournament. The idea was to come up with visually interesting animation that had relevance to certain facts related to each ball while at the same time always keeping in mind that this would be projected onto a real 2.5m inflated ball on the day of the show, therefore we  had to give constant consideration to certain animation and lighting techniques that would exaggerate the 3d illusion of the graphics being projected. Luckily all the RnD, planing and execution of the animations paid off and the results were very impressive indeed.

Check out some of our snaps of the venue and testing that went on prior to the show day, as well as a few shots on the day of the event and the after party where we VJ’d. Thanks to Joe Dunkley and Phil Mayer, the Ai Technicians, for some of these.



This is the culmination of 16 years experience, making video and animation content for various creative industries, including film, commercials, VFX, music videos, advertising, marketing, architecture, live events and music gigs. Working with some great brands along the way such as adidas, Puma, Timberland, KIA, 02, BP, The Kooples, Sony, Nikon and Lenovo as well as musicians and DJs such as David Guetta, Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, the Drumcode Record Label, High Contrast, Chase and Status, Subfocus, Shy FX and The Script. If you like what you see and would like to collaborate then get in touch. Please leave a comment below or go to the contact page to get more info.

Ive done 2 showreel video edits. The first edit is the full 2.5 minute extended edit. The 2nd video below, is a quick 1 minute edit, if you are in a rush.