Logo Animation

Brand Logo Animation

In early 2019, while working with Res, I made a logo animation for a high end brand, but unfortunately I cant share who it is just yet, thats why at the end of the video it doesn’t actually reveal the logo. It was an exciting job to be apart of and a chance to try some new techniques and plugins. Don’t forget to let me know any thoughts in the comments section below!


Firefly Cygnus

Firefly Cygnus Range Product Animation

I was contacted by Firefly Solar to create a product animation promo video for their new range of hybrid power generators. The idea was to keep things simple yet energetic and slick and I worked closely with the audio designer and voice over actor to deliver a promo that the client loved and which fits its purpose perfectly.

I have worked a lot over the years with Firefly Solar creating images and videos to visualize and showcase their product.


Moscow Festival of Light

Moscow festival of light

For this project I was art director and animator on this projection mapping job for the Moscow festival of light in which we projected onto one of the iconic buildings in red square. We were given the brief “moments of victory”. I worked on the 2nd half of the video and was also the point of contact for all creative aspects on the job. The idea for the look and style was Russian constructivist art and once again this one had an extremely tight turn around and a very challenging set of client expectations.



KIA Launch Event

Immersive International produced this projection mapping job for a live KIA launch event for which I was art director, editor and one of the animators and along with 3 others designers we created around 12 minutes of video for the show.


Subfocus live show visuals

Here’s are some teasers of the video content I worked on for 2 tracks of the 2012 Subfocus live tour. This is just a snippet to give an idea of the visual style and music that we were working on because the original version of the video was synced to another edit of the track.

The bold, more minimal look of these visuals was a departure for me from my usual 3D style as the visuals were intended for LED screens which were initially lower resolution. As a result it gave me the opportunity to experiment with more motion graphic style of animation which I enjoyed massively and I have continued recently to add these kinds of elements to my work. This can be seen in the intro to my latest showreel.

Subfocus live show

Here are some images from the shows video content to give a feel of the show design and also explains the circular nature of my work. We also had to make visuals for the horizontal back batons of LED that sit behind the main 3 rings and all elements had to be animated to the track as well as work in harmony with each other in order to give the experience more impact. The first image is one of the 2 sets of visuals I worked on. The rest of the images in the below gallery are done by 2 other animators from immersive.

Eric Prydz EPIC

Eric Prydz “EPIC” live show visuals

In 2010, for the 2nd immersive project I was involved in, I was part of a group of animators that created live show visuals for the Eric Prydz “EPIC” ( Eric Prydz In Concert ) tour. For this project we weren’t making track specific visuals, instead we created 3 sets of 1 minute videos that would be VJ’d live on the night. Within each of those 3 sets of styles we then created another 3 looks of 1 minute videos. As well as splitting all those videos into separate elements to make for better VJ clips. The visuals were projected onto a super wide format custom made screen, which you can see at the bottom of this page to fully appreciate its monumental scale. This job was one of the most challenging I’ve been involved in as a result of the screen design and creative brief which required graphics to be created to the specific unusual screen shape and for which a vast number of videos was needed.

EPIC closer up

Here is a 16-9 crop into the above video so that you can appreciate the detail of the video a bit better.

Both this video and the one at the top of the page are just montages of some of the longer clips that were produced for the 1st EPIC show.

Eric Prydz in concert “making of”

Immersive LTD created this behind the scenes video that shows the true scale of the project. You can see glimpses of some of my clips and hologram animations in the video.

You can also get an idea of the nature of the screen design which had a big impact on how we created our videos for the show.

David Mitchell’s Soapbox

David Mitchell’s soapbox

David Mitchell’s soapbox is an online video channel which is a series of David Mitchell talking about various topics in his usual comedic dry style. I was asked to create a backdrop for this particular episode where David discusses baby names.


Agency: Channel Flip

Director: Mat Laroche

Eric Prydz “NITON”

Eric Prydz “NITON” Music Video

Eric Prydz commissioned Immersive to create a music video for a new release and I was given the role of lead animator, producer and editor as well as being responsible for collaborating with Immersive’s creative director, John Munro, to create the storyboard and the overall look and concept of the video. I was in a team of 7 animators and the scenes I worked on can be viewed in the images below. The brief was very open, so the idea was to go down the route of a dreamlike journey that follows one character through many different surreal environments. The style of the video was inspired by Japanese Anime as well as certain graphic novels and surrealist artwork.


Pendulum live show intro

Back in 2010 Immersive first contacted me to create the intro animation that played at the very start of the live Pendulum tour before the band came out on stage. The screen design was a new challenge for me as I had only usually worked in 16:9 format video, and the unique screen shape had a custom template to work to. Going to the first gig at Wembley and seeing a live audience reacting to my work was a new and exciting experience at the time, one which I would be exposed to regularly as my long term relationship with Immersive continued.

Pendulum live at wembley

Here is a look at where the Pendulum world tour kicked off at Wembley just to give you an idea of how my work fit into the show and what my intro animation was created for. You can see again the unique large scale screen design on the stage where my intro and all 20 other custom visuals by 20 other animators were shown.

BP Video Mapping

BP Launch Event Video Mapping

In May 2016 I worked on this minimal data animation for a BP launch event for one of their new fuels. The animation was projected on the 2 sides of a 10 meter tunnel which visitors walked through. The concept for this video mapping project is that each of the 4 panels loosely represent different stages of BP’s years of data analysis and development of the new “engine cleaning” fuel that have created.