Firefly Cygnus

Firefly Cygnus Range Product Animation

I was contacted by Firefly Solar to create a product animation promo video for their new range of hybrid power generators. The idea was to keep things simple yet energetic and slick and I worked closely with the audio designer and voice over actor to deliver a promo that the client loved and which fits its purpose perfectly.

I have worked a lot over the years with Firefly Solar creating images and videos to visualize and showcase their product.



I teamed up with rehab studio to create this promo animation that introduces the world to zedsen, an exciting new revolutionary scanning technology with a huge number of potential applications. The idea was to give a brief teaser of what zedsen could be capable of but in a minimal, contemporary aesthetic and that fit the already impressive style of the branding.

At the moment the video is password protected while the client gets patent protection, but in the meantime have a look at the images below for a flavor of the style.

Parklife Festival

Parklife 2018 Festival Promo

This festival promo gives a taste of what one of the new stages at this years Parklife Festival is going to look like. The stage design by Lucid Illusions is AMAZING. It includes 2 tower blocks either side of the stage, with a bridge linking them, and shops with neon signs and frontages with video billboards above. The concept for the stage design was inspired by Blade Runner and similar sci-fi influences of a dystopian future world. My animation was meant to be a really quick turn around but once I started adding details it was tricky to stop. Great fun though !

Power Tree

Utilita Power Tree Promo

I recently created this animated promo video for Live Nation on behalf of the energy company Utilita, which was to showcase the Power Tree area of Parklife Festival in Manchester. A place to charge your phones and chill but also to a have a little dance to a DJ playing tunes from his tree house DJ booth !

It was a blast to work on because I had complete creative freedom with everything. Even picking the audio and editing it. The client was receptive to all my ideas and loved the colorful style which reflected the Parklife branding. Love jobs where I can really play with the 3D render layers in post and editing to music. More projects like this please!