L’Acoustics Brand Logo Animation

A few months ago I made a logo animation for L’Acoustics, a high end, 3d immersive sound company. The work they do to create a completely immersive sound experience for live shows and events is truly mind blowing! Had the privilege to get a demo at their offices in North London and my mouth was on the floor. Was UNREAL! Let me know thoughts or comment if you want more info on the project. Also listen out for some awesome multi channel sound design by the composer Nick Ryan!


Firefly Cygnus

Firefly Cygnus Range Product Animation

I was contacted by Firefly Solar to create a product animation promo video for their new range of hybrid power generators. The idea was to keep things simple yet energetic and slick and I worked closely with the audio designer and voice over actor to deliver a promo that the client loved and which fits its purpose perfectly.

I have worked a lot over the years with Firefly Solar creating images and videos to visualize and showcase their product.

London Fashion Week Installation

London Fashion Week A/W15

I / XP Fashion Show Installation

Lee Roach Autumn-Winter 2015 catwalk featured the integration of /I /XP, a three -part fully interactive design – art – sound project, conceived and art directed by the creative agency D /ARK, with fashion designer Lee Roach, video installation artists The Butchers (Filippo Maria & Giorgio Gremigni) and music producer Alexi Delano.


The Butchers Production contacted me to help, with the use of my 3d skills, on this highly conceptual project which explores the basic yet powerful properties of light and form. They then took all the animations I produced and edited them to the custom made audio from Alexi Delano and then projected the content onto a series of semi-transparent screens which play with a sense of light and depth, to produce something visually exciting and unique for Lee Roach’s debut at London Fashion week.

These 2 videos show the intro and grand finale of the show.



DIRECTION AND CONCEPT / THE BUTCHERS (Filippo Maria & Giorgio Gremigni)


CONTENT CREATION / Matt King & Giorgio Gremigni


MUSIC / Alexi Delano

AW015 COLLECTION / Lee Roach

BP Video Mapping

BP Launch Event Video Mapping

In May 2016 I worked on this minimal data animation for a BP launch event for one of their new fuels. The animation was projected on the 2 sides of a 10 meter tunnel which visitors walked through. The concept for this video mapping project is that each of the 4 panels loosely represent different stages of BP’s years of data analysis and development of the new “engine cleaning” fuel that have created.

The Script

The Script world tour visuals

Once again Immersive created some top quality live show video content, this time for the Irish band, The Script.

For this project my role was art director, making sure there was a clear vision for the designers and animators to follow and to help carry the creative side of the job right through to the show rehearsals. I also guest star in this making of video, explaining the creative aspects of the project.

Game Of Thrones Event

Game of Thrones Live

Game of Thrones Flames VFX

For this one I worked with Poke London and Agile Films to produce a short clip of some VFX fire for the Game of Thrones exhibition events that will be happening across the world at the begining of 2015.

Poke and HBO wanted to create some fun interactive elements for the live exhibition this year and so they decided a theme of “famous deaths” from the Game of Thrones series, one of which being death by dragon fire. For this death the idea was to film some of the public who attened the exhibition and then superimpose the famous scene from the show where the dragon burns the victim with its fire. In order to get this effect they needed the dragon ( from the original Game of Thrones show ) and the flames, to be separate elements that they could layer over the footage of the victims. So I had to rotoscope the footage of the dragon, which was provided by the VFX company who originally created the dragon and fire VFX, and then I had to re-create  some fire and some smoke that was similar to the original. This clip is the footage I then gave to Poke which they, through some clever programming, could layer over the footage from the exhibition, almost in real time so that the public who were filmed could then share on social media.

Talent Brew

Talent Brew

I teamed up with Agile films once again to produce this super minimal but super fun motion graphics animation for the Talent Brew brand. The idea was to do a sort of, one camera move, type of animation which has a nice flow to it. Really enjoyed working on this one.

The Kooples

The Kooples “BLACKOUT”

For this one I was contacted once again by Agile Films to work on their commercial, “BLACKOUT” for The Kooples. It was a quick turn around but all that was required was to track some footage of a hand holding a phone and then replace and composite in an existing screen asset into that footage, as well as stabalising and re-timing the final pull out of the couple at the end of the video and masking out the background to give the effect of a spotlight on the floor around their feet. This took a lot of back and forth to get the re-exact timing as the director had extremely specific instructions of how he wanted the shot to speed up and slow down seamlessly but the end result worked well and was great fun to work on.

Take a look at the shots I worked on in the images below.

The Kooples “BLACKOUT- How To”

Straight after working on the previous “BLACKOUT” video, Agile asked me to work on some further compositing of existing screen assets onto a number of shots in this quirky “How To” video for the same Kooples campaign. I also added subtle projector beams to a bunch of shots and a glicthy effect of the guy in his underwear that is based on the effect in the phone app for which this spot is intended to advertise.

Again a couple of images of some of the shots I worked on are below.



I teamed up with rehab studio to create this promo animation that introduces the world to zedsen, an exciting new revolutionary scanning technology with a huge number of potential applications. The idea was to give a brief teaser of what zedsen could be capable of but in a minimal, contemporary aesthetic and that fit the already impressive style of the branding.

At the moment the video is password protected while the client gets patent protection, but in the meantime have a look at the images below for a flavor of the style.

PUMA – Arsenal kit launch

PUMA – Arsenal away kit launch

I was recently asked to work with Immersive LTD once again to provide all the animation content for the Arsenal 2015 / 2016 away kit launch for PUMA in Singapore. Content of the 3 Arsenal shirts was projected onto a 3.6 meter torso that stood in front of a 10 meter back wall of LED, which had to work together in order to give maximum impact. I was actually in charge of all the creative aspects of the project for Immersive and with possibly the tightest deadline Ive ever worked on, it was an extreme challenge but we pulled it off and PUMA was extremeley happy with the end result. They actually gave some amazing feedback, saying “The creative execution was a vision that I honestly thought was beyond our means when first presented, but in retrospect lifted up our eyes to a vision and idea that stands alone in my mind as the best PR stunt event we’ve ever done.” This video is a quick edit of the show by PUMA. For the full video, scroll down.

Immersive LTD’s edit of the show

Heres a snippet from some other footage of the event which shows more of the content I created. The start of the animation is not in this edit. Apart from the the main 2 minute reveal animation I also created the Arsenal logo animations, as well as many holding state loops and some clips that combined some VTs from Arsenal FC and the lightning energy effect which was the theme of this years launch.

Full Animation

Here is the complete animation. In order to appreciate the full quality of the animation, I did this edit which simulates the back LED screen and torso in 3D space.