Subfocus live show visuals

Here’s are some teasers of the video content I worked on for 2 tracks of the 2012 Subfocus live tour. This is just a snippet to give an idea of the visual style and music that we were working on because the original version of the video was synced to another edit of the track.

The bold, more minimal look of these visuals was a departure for me from my usual 3D style as the visuals were intended for LED screens which were initially lower resolution. As a result it gave me the opportunity to experiment with more motion graphic style of animation which I enjoyed massively and I have continued recently to add these kinds of elements to my work. This can be seen in the intro to my latest showreel.

Subfocus live show

Here are some images from the shows video content to give a feel of the show design and also explains the circular nature of my work. We also had to make visuals for the horizontal back batons of LED that sit behind the main 3 rings and all elements had to be animated to the track as well as work in harmony with each other in order to give the experience more impact. The first image is one of the 2 sets of visuals I worked on. The rest of the images in the below gallery are done by 2 other animators from immersive.

Eric Prydz EPIC

Eric Prydz “EPIC” live show visuals

In 2010, for the 2nd immersive project I was involved in, I was part of a group of animators that created live show visuals for the Eric Prydz “EPIC” ( Eric Prydz In Concert ) tour. For this project we weren’t making track specific visuals, instead we created 3 sets of 1 minute videos that would be VJ’d live on the night. Within each of those 3 sets of styles we then created another 3 looks of 1 minute videos. As well as splitting all those videos into separate elements to make for better VJ clips. The visuals were projected onto a super wide format custom made screen, which you can see at the bottom of this page to fully appreciate its monumental scale. This job was one of the most challenging I’ve been involved in as a result of the screen design and creative brief which required graphics to be created to the specific unusual screen shape and for which a vast number of videos was needed.

EPIC closer up

Here is a 16-9 crop into the above video so that you can appreciate the detail of the video a bit better.

Both this video and the one at the top of the page are just montages of some of the longer clips that were produced for the 1st EPIC show.

Eric Prydz in concert “making of”

Immersive LTD created this behind the scenes video that shows the true scale of the project. You can see glimpses of some of my clips and hologram animations in the video.

You can also get an idea of the nature of the screen design which had a big impact on how we created our videos for the show.


Pendulum live show intro

Back in 2010 Immersive first contacted me to create the intro animation that played at the very start of the live Pendulum tour before the band came out on stage. The screen design was a new challenge for me as I had only usually worked in 16:9 format video, and the unique screen shape had a custom template to work to. Going to the first gig at Wembley and seeing a live audience reacting to my work was a new and exciting experience at the time, one which I would be exposed to regularly as my long term relationship with Immersive continued.

Pendulum live at wembley

Here is a look at where the Pendulum world tour kicked off at Wembley just to give you an idea of how my work fit into the show and what my intro animation was created for. You can see again the unique large scale screen design on the stage where my intro and all 20 other custom visuals by 20 other animators were shown.

The Script

The Script world tour visuals

Once again Immersive created some top quality live show video content, this time for the Irish band, The Script.

For this project my role was art director, making sure there was a clear vision for the designers and animators to follow and to help carry the creative side of the job right through to the show rehearsals. I also guest star in this making of video, explaining the creative aspects of the project.

Eric Prydz “Generate” Hologram

Eric Prydz “Generate” Hologram

This is a hologram animation I did for Eric Prydz ” EPIC 3.0 ” Hologram show at Madison Square Garden NYC. This was a landmark, groundbreaking show which used the largest hologram in the world, with all content rendered at 4K. This time the brief was to create something more organic, with DNA and molecules creating quite abstract undulating forms which then evolve to metallic flowing shapes. Together with the hologram I created some track specific back wall VJ content. Once again it was a short 3 week deadline but it turned out well, the show was a success and the client was very happy.

Eric Prydz “Allein”

Eric Prydz “Allein” live show visuals

As part of the 2nd Eric Prydz EPIC 2 tour, Immersive asked me to create an 3D Animated video content for the track “Allein”. Once again the deadline was tight but with the help of another animator Tajinder Singh, who helped create and animate the metallic 3d elements from 1.50 mins to 3 mins, everything went well and the show was a big success. The reason for the super wide format was the design of the custom made LED screen, it was a re-work of the first EPIC live show screen design, which was initially projection mapped, both of which were built on a massive scale for maximum impact. A hologram screen was also used in both shows, for which I created custom clips.

Allein closer up

The video above was to give an overall view of the animation and format, here I have made a 16-9 crop into the centre portion of the screen In order to give a closer look into the detail of the video.

This was a great project as it gave me a chance to experiment with some new post production techniques and advanced particles effect plugins and here you get to appreciate the hard work a bit closer up.

Lindsey Sterling

Lindsey Sterling Live Show Visuals

I made this video content while working with Immersive Ltd, we made a whole range of video wall backdrops for her concerts and part of my job was to make some night and day forest videos, we also did some holograms as foreground elements in the front of the performers to give a sense of depth, but obviously these forest videos were the background videos. This video is a very shot snippet where I combined both night and day myself. But the original content was actually long loops that played for certain tracks.



Defected Record Label Main Stage Video Content

In summer 2019 I made the main stage video ( VJ ) content for Defected Croatia Festival. Heres a tiny snippet of some of the hundreds of clips I made. The content is also being used for ongoing live shows and Defected gigs

Festival Footage

Here is some footage of the festival in Croatia in 2019. Might have to go next year !

Friction Live Show Visuals


DJ FRICTION Live Show VJ / Video Content

At the start of 2020 I made the VJ content and Intro for the drum n bass legend, Dj Friction. This is the intro I made for his latest bunch of live shows and I have to say I REALLY enjoyed making this. The shows have been a massive success and the client was over the moon with all the animation content I made. The other thing I enjoyed about this job was that the DJ himself had a clear idea and specific brief of what he wanted, so this is why there is an overall feel – in terms of colour and style – which is consistent with his brand.

The 2nd video on the left is a short edit I made form myself just to show some other VJ content I made that wasn’t in the intro video.

Friction Live Show Photos

Here are some photos from the first show at Village Underground.

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte

Project: Charlotte de Witte Tour Video Content

Client: Res

Creative Director & Producer – Mark Calvert, inc Storyboarding & Concept

Technical Director – Dave Green

Animators – Matt King and Tom Wall

Textures Creatives – Antonio Pagano, Ezequiel Garcia, Christian Smith

At the end of 2019 I made some live tour visuals for the techno superstar Charlotte de Witte.

I worked with the stellar team at RES to create some of the VJ content, closely following the storyboard concept created by Mark Calvert @ RES. We also made branding text animations which were used by DOPs Antonio Pagano & Ezequiel Garcia @ RES on a live studio shoot and projected on all sorts of surfaces and actors to make filmed assets for the show. Overall the combined work from the team was amazing and when it was played on the super massive screen at the gig, the effect was mind blowing!

Heres a video edit from RES with some of our work, unfortunately I cant share just yet. Soon though.

Below are a collection of images of my most of the VJ clips I made for the show, its a mix of animations that were used for the gigs and also some animations I made as RnD and look developments for the shows. I have to say I absolutely loved working on this, it was a chance to try new things and work in a way I might not usually do and this was creatively liberating.