London Fashion Week Installation

London Fashion Week A/W15

I / XP Fashion Show Installation

Lee Roach Autumn-Winter 2015 catwalk featured the integration of /I /XP, a three -part fully interactive design – art – sound project, conceived and art directed by the creative agency D /ARK, with fashion designer Lee Roach, video installation artists The Butchers (Filippo Maria & Giorgio Gremigni) and music producer Alexi Delano.


The Butchers Production contacted me to help, with the use of my 3d skills, on this highly conceptual project which explores the basic yet powerful properties of light and form. They then took all the animations I produced and edited them to the custom made audio from Alexi Delano and then projected the content onto a series of semi-transparent screens which play with a sense of light and depth, to produce something visually exciting and unique for Lee Roach’s debut at London Fashion week.

These 2 videos show the intro and grand finale of the show.



DIRECTION AND CONCEPT / THE BUTCHERS (Filippo Maria & Giorgio Gremigni)


CONTENT CREATION / Matt King & Giorgio Gremigni


MUSIC / Alexi Delano

AW015 COLLECTION / Lee Roach

BP Video Mapping

BP Launch Event Video Mapping

In May 2016 I worked on this minimal data animation for a BP launch event for one of their new fuels. The animation was projected on the 2 sides of a 10 meter tunnel which visitors walked through. The concept for this video mapping project is that each of the 4 panels loosely represent different stages of BP’s years of data analysis and development of the new “engine cleaning” fuel that have created.

PUMA – Arsenal Kit Launch

PUMA – Arsenal away kit launch

I was recently asked to work with Immersive LTD once again to provide all the animation content for the Arsenal 2015 / 2016 away kit launch for PUMA in Singapore. Content of the 3 Arsenal shirts was projected onto a 3.6 meter torso that stood in front of a 10 meter back wall of LED, which had to work together in order to give maximum impact. I was actually in charge of all the creative aspects of the project for Immersive and with possibly the tightest deadline Ive ever worked on, it was an extreme challenge but we pulled it off and PUMA was extremeley happy with the end result. They actually gave some amazing feedback, saying “The creative execution was a vision that I honestly thought was beyond our means when first presented, but in retrospect lifted up our eyes to a vision and idea that stands alone in my mind as the best PR stunt event we’ve ever done.” This video is a quick edit of the show by PUMA. For the full video, scroll down.

Immersive LTD’s edit of the show

Heres a snippet from some other footage of the event which shows more of the content I created. The start of the animation is not in this edit. Apart from the the main 2 minute reveal animation I also created the Arsenal logo animations, as well as many holding state loops and some clips that combined some VTs from Arsenal FC and the lightning energy effect which was the theme of this years launch.

Full Animation

Here is the complete animation. In order to appreciate the full quality of the animation, I did this edit which simulates the back LED screen and torso in 3D space.

Private Party VJ Clips

Private Party VJ clips

In 2019 I made some VJ clips for a private party and maybe usually I wouldnt share general VJ clips but these were super fun to make and have a play with. I used the awesome X-particles and Octane for these.


adidas 2014 World Cup video mapping of Rio’s Parque Lage

At the end of 2013 I worked with Immersive LTD who were asked by adidas to video map Visual Arts School of Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup official match ball launch, the brazuca. My roles on the job included, lead animator, as well as art director, animation producer and editor of the entire video and I was delegated the task of overseeing a team of talented animators with a broad range of skills. Our visuals were made to a strict template which fit the shape of the building exactly. As well as projecting onto the 3 facades of the Parque Lage, we projected animations of adidas footballs onto a 2.5m inflated ball which succeeded in giving the illusion that the ball was a real object.

1970 – 1986 adidas World Cup Brazuca ball animations

My animation contribution to the show was to produce this 30 second section of a 2 minute portion of the show, where we were asked to create visuals that represented the adidas footballs that have been used for the FIFA World Cup since 1970 right up to the upcoming 2014 tournament. The idea was to come up with visually interesting animation that had relevance to certain facts related to each ball while at the same time always keeping in mind that this would be projected onto a real 2.5m inflated ball on the day of the show, therefore we  had to give constant consideration to certain animation and lighting techniques that would exaggerate the 3d illusion of the graphics being projected. Luckily all the RnD, planing and execution of the animations paid off and the results were very impressive indeed.

Check out some of our snaps of the venue and testing that went on prior to the show day, as well as a few shots on the day of the event and the after party where we VJ’d. Thanks to Joe Dunkley and Phil Mayer, the Ai Technicians, for some of these.