L’Acoustics Brand Logo Animation

A few months ago I made a logo animation for L’Acoustics, a high end, 3d immersive sound company. The work they do to create a completely immersive sound experience for live shows and events is truly mind blowing! Had the privilege to get a demo at their offices in North London and my mouth was on the floor. Was UNREAL! Let me know thoughts or comment if you want more info on the project. Also listen out for some awesome multi channel sound design by the composer Nick Ryan!

02 Instant Winners

02 Instant Winners Day of the Dead

Since the end of last year Ive been making these short loops for the phone network 02, they are to promote the Instant Winners competitions that they run every few months. This one is based on a trip to Mexico to experience the Day of the Dead festival.

02 Instant Winners Christmas 2019

Heres the Instant Winners promo animation which is based on Christmas 2019 and related Instant Winners prizes.


Watch Pitch

Watch Pitch Images

I made these watch images as part of a pitch for a luxury watch brand ( not Seiko BTW ).
Its actually a crazy story behind this project. I did the pitch at a meeting in the companies swanky London office on Bond Street. After the pitch I chased the client to see if the job was still going ahead, and the emails bounced back to me. Which I thought was odd. Then a few weeks went by and I read in the news that the owner of the company had been on the run for defrauding the Indian government of billions of US dollars! Thank goodness I didnt go ahead with the job in the end ! Dodged a bullet with that one. At least I got some nice images for my portfolio, but the morale of the story…be careful who you work with kids!