Pendulum live show intro

Back in 2010 Immersive first contacted me to create the intro animation that played at the very start of the live Pendulum tour before the band came out on stage. The screen design was a new challenge for me as I had only usually worked in 16:9 format video, and the unique screen shape had a custom template to work to. Going to the first gig at Wembley and seeing a live audience reacting to my work was a new and exciting experience at the time, one which I would be exposed to regularly as my long term relationship with Immersive continued.

Pendulum live at wembley

Here is a look at where the Pendulum world tour kicked off at Wembley just to give you an idea of how my work fit into the show and what my intro animation was created for. You can see again the unique large scale screen design on the stage where my intro and all 20 other custom visuals by 20 other animators were shown.

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