About Me

I am a 3D generalist, motion designer and art director with over 15 years experience across many creative industries such as film, live shows and events, advertising, music videos and many more. I have worked on projects for some big brands such as adidas, Audi, Puma, Sony, KIA, 02, Timberland, Nikon and Lenovo. I have a skill set that is based in 3D animation but also ranges from motion graphics to art direction and a broad knowledge of various design and animation software.

I’m open to any creative challenge so have a look at my portfolio page or even just my showreel and see if I fit your requirements, if so, I’d love to hear from you, whether you are UK based or international. Please go to my contact page for more details.

Animator and Art Director

Over 15 years of industry experience

A skillset that spans a range of software and design diciplines

Worked across many areas of the animation and design industries

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  • Working with Matt is always a pleasure. His integrity and commitment to our projects makes him indispensable when he is either Art Directing, Editing, or Animating. Its rare to find a designer / 3D animator with such a focused eye for quality and detail.

    John Munro, Creative Director at Immersive
  • Matt can always be relied upon to accomplish any task given to him and has the initiave to be an asset to any team. 

    Ben Haworth, Creative Director at Flip Book Studios
  • Matt is a great creative and problem solving team player, who always provides invaluable input into a project.

    Tom Bogda, Producer at HMX